Parent and Child Webex Acceptable Use Policy

Policy Date: 4th February 2021

In order to create a safe environment for children and our instructors when taking part in our Pet Care for children’s course, the following considerations must be observed:
    By accepting the Webex meeting ID and joining the meeting, with parental responsibility, you agree to the terms set out within this document.
    1. Webex is only to be accessed by a device in a communal family space.
    2. A parent or guardian should be present throughout the course to take responsibility but also to deal with any technical difficulties.
    3. Attendees should be dressed appropriately at all times.
    4. The meeting ID is to remain confidential and not to be shared to anyone that has not.
    5. Recording, photos or screenshots of the Webex meeting are not allowed by participants.
    6. The Webex meeting will not be recorded.
    7. The Webex meeting will have a waiting room for participants to log on 15 minutes prior to the meeting starting.
    8. The Webex meeting will be locked by an instructor 5 minutes after the start time so that it can only be accessed by authorised participants. Unfortunately, anyone who arrives later to the meeting will not be able to gain access even with the meeting ID.
    9. For participants, some Webex facilities will be disabled by the host instructors. This includes but isn’t limited to the screen function, chat and screen share.
    10. Lastly, if a safeguarding issue arises, one of our instructors will contact the appropriate people.
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