Our Online Animal Care Courses

Improve your animal care knowledge and skills with out online animal courses. Ranging from short courses for pet owners to more comprehensive online animal care courses for pet professionals, we have something for everyone! We have a free online animal course with certificate of completion and an online pet first aid course too! Benefits of choosing our online animal courses include:-
  • 🐾 Purchase online and do in your own time.
  • 🐾 Printable e-certificate of completion with every course.
  • 🐾 Downoadable logo to use on your website and social media.
  • 🐾 Lifetime access to course.
  • Pet First Aid for Bleeds

    red blood cells An introduction to the basic anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system and how to control a serious bleed in pets.
  • Animal Health and Disease

    dog with bandageA comprehensive course giving an overview of common health issues and diseases affecting domestic pets.
  • Canine Psychology

    small group of dogsA great overview of the theories of learning, an introduction to the neuroscience of learning, animal communication with an emphasis on canine communication.
  • Introduction to Pet First Aid

    ”petA great online pet first aid course for those wishing to update their pet first aid skills
  • Basic Animal Behaviour

    ”dog An introduction to normal animal behaviour and the science behind it.
  • Planning for Feeding Regimes

    ”dog Learn why planning a diet is important, factors that affect diet and how to plan a healthy diet for your pet.
  • Skeletons

    ”small A short course describing the vertebral skeleton, bones, joints and composition.
  • Animal Welfare

    ”dog A course about Animal Welfare, what it is, how it is important, welfare around the world and much much more!
  • Pet Nutrition

    ”bowl A course about what nutrition is, the main nutrients that pets need and how to feed them.
  • Mammalian Organ Systems

    ”CPR A course covering the main organ systems of the mammalian body and how they interact with each other to make the body work.
  • Tissues and Wound Healing

    ”dog A course about the anatomy and physiology of cells and tissues and how wounds heal.
  • Pet Law

    ”dog An overview of laws and legislation affecting pet owners and pet professionals operating in the UK.
  • Dog Health and Safety

    ”healthA comprehensive course giving an overview of common health issues and diseases affecting domestic pets.
  • Dog Types and Breeds

    ”dog A short course in dog types and breeds
  • Running a Dog Day Care Centre

    ”dog A course about running a dog day care setting in a commercial setting rather than a home setting.
  • Mammalian Senses

    ”dogA comprehensive course giving an overview of a mammals senses and sense organs.
  • Pet Anatomy & Physiology

    ”dogA comprehensive course about a Pet's Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Pet Care for Children

    ”family A course for children about caring for their pets and some basic first aid skills.
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