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What can gum colour tell us?

In human first aid, you can look to check if the skin is pale or their capillary refill is slow. With dogs covered in hair, it is very, very difficult. So we look at their mucous membranes or gum colour. A normal colour is a nice bright, pinky red colour. This shows good circulation. If

Could you be the one to save a pet’s life?

Do you know what to do if an animal suddenly stops breathing or choking? We can help! Our virtual classroom and online pet first aid courses are available now! Virtual classroom Canine First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) Available dates: Saturday 16th September 2023 10am Saturday 18th November 2023 10am Saturday 16th March 2024 10am

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To celebrate our big sister company ,, 15th Birthday this July, we offering HUGE discounts on all of our courses purchased between 1st July 2023 and 31st July 2023. Details below…. IN-PERSON CLASSROOM OR LIVE, ONLINE CLASSROOM COURSES Pet First Aid for Pet Owners Evening Short Course  NOW ONLY £12.50 Pet First Aid Level 2


This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in first aid for dogs. It is ideal for dog owners or dog professionals. Understanding basic first aid for your dog will give you the skills to assist them and prevent them from getting worse before your vet gives professional help. The certificate is valid

Adders and Dogs

The Adder The only native venomous snake in the UK With the sunny spells, adders are becoming more active which comes with the danger of our dogs disturbing them out on walks and in some cases getting bitten. If you’re concerned that your dog has been bitten, keep our dog calm, reduce its movements to

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